Aside from my day job as the Show Runner of the ChooseFI podcast, I work professionally on side gigs that include:

  • Writing

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Podcasting

  • Building websites

If you’re interested in hiring me to work on any of the above, this is the place to do it!

The prices are negotiable: Think of this as a bargain of sorts; you submit the job along with how much you are willing to pay, and I’ll either agree or ask for more. From there you can either agree or we can find a middle ground. I’m usually willing to do passion projects for less than regular rates.



University of Washington - Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Communication.

  • Summa Cum Laude Honors (top 0.5% of the graduating class)

  • Annual Dean’s List (2017 & 2018)


Show Runner (Production Manager), ChooseFI Media, Inc.; United States

Videographer, Sound Family Medicine; United States

Intern, ChooseFI Media, Inc.; United States

Assistant Manager, The Gift Card Exchange; United States

Marketing Coordinator, Kananga International Association of North America; United States

Editor, Zenith Initiative, LLC; United States

Marketing Coordinator, Goldbloom Wealth Management; United States

Intern, Goldbloom Wealth Management; United States

Model, Seattle Talent; United States

Leasing Consultant & Concierge, Blanton Turner; United States

Performance Management in Human Resources, Singapore Armed Forces HQ 6 Div; Singapore

Feel free to ask me in more detail about any of the credentials listed above.