Refreshing New(ish) Way to Party


While traditional late night escapades are going to be around forever, an exciting new option for us early birds has been sweeping the nation. 

For the morning person, clubbing and partying has always come with the hefty price of fucking up your circadian rhythm. And y'all know how important a consistent circadian rhythm is. 

Luckily for us, some clever people decided to bring the party scene into the mornings. Yeah you read right, an early morning rave.

Dance of the Dawn

The premise is simple enough; wake up on the weekend when everybody else is sleeping in, drive to the party via a traffic free road, again because everybody else is still sleeping, and oh look at that, easy parking! Because nobody else is up early enough to fill up the parking spaces.

Oh and there's no alcohol served, so it's an all healthy experience. It might be weird at first, partying with nothing in your system, but if you haven't tried being sober and having fun, you should give it a shot. Your body and wallet will thank you later.

Depending on the event you go to, there might be a pre-party yoga session. You'll definitely want to attend this, just for the novelty of getting to party with your entire yoga class right after. Well, and you get a good stretch in.

The DJ and MC start hyping things up and getting the room started, and it's completely legit, not a run down hippy joint like some people might expect with a morning party. 

You can still see folks packing up their yoga gear

You can still see folks packing up their yoga gear

It take a few minutes to transition everyone from peaceful yoga mode to jump around and rave mode. But eventually the room ends up looking like this


Keep in mind, this is around 10 AM. Depending on the venue, there might be natural light (like this one), or it might be completely dark like a regular club.

At this point you just let loose, expunge all the built up stress and tension you've built up over the week. Just go completely, insanely wild. Cause that's what everybody else is going to be doing. 

The cool thing about this party is that you have a stunningly wide range of people that attend, unlike a regular nightclub. For example, these are just a few people that I noticed:

  • 2 year old BABY wearing earmuffs, being alternately carried by his mom and dad.

    • I chatted with the parents, and apparently they just take their kid to all kinds of music festivals.

  • This older gentleman, probably mid 60's. But he was undoubtedly the most energetic and had the craziest dance moves.

    • He was literally in every dance circle that formed.

  • People (like me) who really don't party that often because of the aforementioned consequences.

  • The regular crowd of partygoers who also want to squeeze in some action in the morning.

Everyone is just going at it, and nobody's judging. It's a great time, like the nightclub experience, but way less sleazy and way more authentic.

Little Surprises

Peppered through the DJ's performance, there are a couple of ridiculously random surprises. 

Like this drum line that showed up

Or this juggling dude on stilts

And who could forget the brass instruments lineup

Then of course you have this green guy

Heading Out

So you get all this partying in, a couple of hours later everyone's exhausted, endorphins are rushing around. 

It's by no means a typical morning, I mean most people are just starting their day, and you've already done all this crazy shit.

One of the best parts is heading outside after the party, to see a gorgeous bright and sunny day. You know you got the rest of the day ahead, you're all fired up and ready for whatever comes next, and you're not hungover or stuck with a large drink tab to pay off. 

You don't have to worry about DUIs or expensive Ubers, cause you just parked around the block, and it's a nice sunny stroll to your car.

Give it a Go

Try out the morning party for size, see how you like it! I'm sure there are a few organizations throwing these events, but the one I recommend is DayBreaker.

If you need a little more convincing, check out this article from business insider.

IMG_5007 2.JPG

Yoda and I hope to catch you some morning!

- Zacke