Well here's the gist:

I style myself as a Professional Amateur. What that really means is that I put myself in a smorgasbord of random and sometimes odd situations, trying to learn as many things as possible under the loose goal of making the world a better place.

On my journey, I’ve picked up a few random skills: I’m a writer, long boarder, podcaster, and video producer among other things.

Through candid posts detailing raw & experiential shenanigans, you'll get to know an adventurer on an endless quest to make the world better (while occasionally failing at it)...

Explore my site, be entertained by my misadventures, learn a thing or two, laugh at me, cry with me, love me and hate me, let's jump on the human experience together.


Disclaimer: By no means is this a self-help website, this is literally just my life as I see fit to share it. No doubt there'll be gems of knowledge in some of my posts, but there'll also be a ton of WTF moments. So this humble site is more for entertainment than anything else...


If you're looking for a consistent self-help platform, I do happen to write really helpful and actionable articles on another website here

- Zacke